Why Dialogue & Diversity?

In this turbulent international globalised landscape, a central message must be heralded: peace is more than the absence of war, it is living together with our differences – of sex, race, language, religion or culture – while furthering universal respect for justice and human rights on which such coexistence depends. Therefore, peace should never be taken for granted. It is an on-going process, a long-term goal which requires constant engineering, vigilance and active participation by all individuals. It is a choice to be made on each situation, an everyday life decision to engage in sincere dialogue with other individual and communities, whether they live a block or a click away.

Diversity matters.

We evolve, we face many challenges and new ways of thinking that are seldom spoken about. There are many groups that talk about specific challenges, but no meaningful hub for all of them. Many of these specific topics cannot be taken in isolation. They represent threads of the same veil, shroud or tallit, and represent an important part of Europe’s religious and cultural fabric in general.

Our mission

D&D was created by the EJCC – with our partners in other religious groups – to create this dynamic, youthful and exciting forum: Where nothing is off the table, where we tackle the big issues, where we push back against those who seek to pigeonhole us.

We love to talk. But talking is not enough. There’s too much noise, not enough action. That’s why we started D&D, to start moving forwards with tangible, effective and life-affirming initiatives for all of us.

We believe that

Fighting discrimination via education goes much deeper than creating a raft of laws, it means changing mindsets to make discrimination redundant.

The European Union is made up of diverse nations that come together for the greater good. Nations are made up of diverse groups. If these groups are isolated it can be dangerous. Diversity and dialogue stands against isolation. We promote active participation with others.

Creating bridges between diverse religious and cultural social groups weakens stereotypes and prejudice.

Advocacy work that respects, cherishes and at its very core promotes the values of freedom, democracy, dialogue and diversity is the Ying to the isolationist, superior or defensive thinking Yang.

How we work:

The D&D hub brings together and directly links organisations who are experts in their specific fields. From Student groups, to sport clubs and women’s organisations, the positives of these links are obvious and mutually beneficial.

While aiming for a harmonious, tolerant and fully integrated society, to create and develop mechanisms for intersectional cooperation: to include governmental institutions, non-governmental organisations, academia, independent experts and business sector in shaping social policies, political debates and discourse.

Inform and educate the society about the various minority groups: dissemination of research results, seminars, conferences, trainings, social actions. Active participation in shaping public attitudes.

All D&D programmes will be planned by a board of advisors representing multiple cultural backgrounds, and guided by a professional inter-cultural mediator.

Our programmes


Promoting initiatives of interfaith and intercultural dialogue
organisations at EU level.
Encourage Policy makers to consider including dialogue
as an essential way to solve radicalization in our society

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An open and warm environment for Jewish, Muslim,
Catholic and secular women to discuss each other’s culture
and traditions and talk about misconceptions
about the ‘other’ in a frank way.

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Our future is in the hands of the youth. They will have the chance
and responsibility to carry on the achievements
of previous generations.

Their success may depend on our capacity to empower
and inspire a young generation. Therefore we focus in activities
that will form and inform young people from all backgrounds.

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High flying Businesspeople from differing backgrounds and schools of thought.
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Sport for Peace: sport and team building programmes
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Cooperation between senior religious leaders to reconcile
our shared commitment to human dignity and
the right to live in peace.

On this basis, we work together in order to prevent conflict,
promote peaceful coexisteance and encourage
their communities to do the same.

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As you can see, D&D covers a lot of ground and offers a unique, tailor made approach to diversity and dialogue. Everybody has a stake, nobody is excluded. The playing field is a level one.

Our team of experts, spanning the length and breadth of faiths, ideologies and individual freedoms delivers a platform for meaningful, tangible and narrative changing discussion, emboldening participants and moving the discussion on the benefits of Diversity to new levels of social and political discourse.

The end goal is for D&D to act as a catalyst for Social Inclusion.